Mataram Royal Cemetary  
by : Pak Dukuh   The Bimasakti women at the Giriloyo cemetary

According to the oral tradition, when Sultan Agung was in Mecca, he threw a handful of earth to the island of Java. When he returned to Java, Sultan Agung searched for the place where the handful of earth that he had thrown had fallen by meditating on Makbul Hill.  The Sultan envisioned a place, shining radiantly. He found that piece of earth in Giriloyo.  He then decided to build a place for his own cemetery there.

When Sultan Agung began to build the cemetery, his uncle visited the site.  He told his nephew that he also wished to be buried there. Not long after that, he died and was buried there in the cemetery.

Sultan Agung then searched for another place for his cemetery and found Imogiri, which then became the royal cemetery for the rulers of the Yogyakarta and Surakarta courts. So, the Giriloyo cemetery is older than the Imogiri cemetery.  People who have spiritual sight can sense that the Giriloyo cemetery has a higher spiritual power than the Imogiri cemetery.  The spirit of Sultan Agung is actually here in Giriloyo, while his body is buried at Imogiri. This is just a brief story.  Whether it is true or not, only God knows. ***

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